Support Us

Why should you want to help us? If you are as passionate about music and the performing arts as we are, you will realize that planning for the future is critical. With your help, we will preserve the unique opportunities for young people in Northern Virginia provided by the pageantry arts.  We are the only competitive drum and bugle corps in the state of Virginia.

A monetary contribution helps us in two ways.

vince_brykFirst, your gift may fund operational expenses such as:

* Staff

* Music

* Insurance

* Equipment Maintenance

* Transportation

Our goal is to make the activity as affordable and accessible as possible for members and their families.  However, the cost of operating a music performance group has risen exponentially in the past few years preventing participation by many who simply cannot afford it. For example, the rising cost of fuel has directly impacted our travel budget; one weekend bus trip currently costs more than $5,000!

Second, your gift will allow us to purchase much needed new uniforms and replace brass instruments, many of which are over 35 years old. Every donor is important. Every gift is appreciated.

We have established a capital fundraising goal of $50,000 to purchase new uniforms and brass instruments.  Over the next year, we will reach that goal through a series of fund raising events and from contributions from companies and individuals like you.

The brass instruments the corps currently provides to members are very old and outdated (some over 35 years old).  We have begun to purchase new or lightly used instruments in the key of Bb in a balanced mix of trumpets, mellophones, baritones and tubas. The total cost is expected to be $35,000.

The current corps uniform jackets are also used and not suitable for summer wear.  We plan to purchase custom-designed jackets and headgear from a leading marching band uniform company. The total cost is estimated at $15,000.